Alright I know we haven’t even settled into the second week of Ramadan yet but I’ve always been one to fixate on Eid.

I love it, especially being a revert and being used to growing up with the pomp and show of Christmas. I would like to give my children that same feeling of looking forward to something.

I feel that all too much we as muslims take life too seriously and I dont want this to be taken out of context here but we are allowed to be happy, do nice things and have fun.

I know a lot of people will read this and think, what on earth is she talking about?

I have seen all too often, more so in revert communities, some kind of self flagellation for wanting to do or have nice things. Many people no longer make the effort for pomp and show and I for one LOVE it.

It’s as if because we have reverted and may have given up some of the things we used to find ‘fun’; raving, drinking, smoking etc and try to avoid doing haram, many go way overboard and no longer make any effort at all. Islam is the happy medium, the middle path. Have fun and worship God but you are not supposed to be excessive in either.

I feel as well, because many reverts are sometimes the only muslims in their family the get left out a lot. Everyone gets together with their families or partners on Eid and single reverts are left alone with nothing to do and no-one to do it with. I’m not in this circumstance but I feel for anybody that is. Its not nice.

This Eid if you know a sister (or brother) who will be spending it alone invite them to spend some time with you (or your family).

I’ve been thinking about what i’ll be buying my special peeps and have some top picks to share with you! Have a look:


MAMA & BABA BUNDLE – £52.00 – www.littlemaysoor.com

The final addition to the Maysoor family, the talking mama and baba dolls talk and have a spare interchangeable thobe and abayah. Large, plush, toys, these are a lovely gift for any mini muslim.


eid platter

CERAMIC EID DISH SET – £35.00 – www.everycloud-silverlining.co.uk

This cute dish set speaks for itself! It adds a touch of elegant glam to any Eid celebration.

  • 5.5 inches (height)

Pre-order your’s to ensure delivery before Eid.


FOUNDATION BUFFING BRUSH – £9.50 – www.amaara.co

AMAARA brushes are made from synthetic bristles and so are 100% vegan and animal friendly. Their brushes range from £4.50-£9.50.

quran cube.png

QURAN CUBE LED S – £54.99 – www.qurancube.com

Im in LOVE with this Quran player from QURAN CUBE. It doubles up as a speaker and glowing night light. Would be perfect for adults and children alike.

It has options to choose from various reciters; Sudais, Maher Al Muaiqly, Miscarry Al Afasy, Juhainy, Abu Bakr Al Shatri and more. More uses:

  • Nasheeds
  • LED Dimmable Touch Lamp
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Play Your Own Audio With USB
  • Sleep Mode
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bedside Clock
  • Powerbank (Charge Your Phone With The Quran Cube)


BOOMF BOMB – £5.99 – www.boomf.com

This surprise in a box is a multi-sensory, fully customisable, photo cube that jumps from its envelope with  spray of confetti. A perfect way to start off your eid.


One Reply to “EID PICKS”

  1. Salaam alaykum lovely! 🙂 I’m in love with the Quran Cube too. Did you know the lights change colour? ❤

    Love your post, and look forward to reading more x


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