So, if you follow me on social media you’ll know how much im absolutely in LOVE with Brown Coconut Oil. I love everything about the product and brand; it’s handmade in the UK, its all natural, organic and it tastes like coconuts!

Available at http://www.browncoconutoil.co.uk, I first discovered the brand last year and have been ordering ever since. Ive been posting on my Instagram story each time I use my Brown Coconut Oil and thought it would be a good idea to write a post detailing all the different ways I use Brown Coconut Oil so I can give you guys a go-to place to get this info.

I bought this bundle for £31.00 (well worth it). It consists of one large 720ml jar, one medium 200ml jar, one small 100ml handbag tube and one 15ml lip balm tin which comes in a cute organza bag.

I gifted the lip balm tin straight to my daughter which she loved, as it comes in the cute pink bag its already gift wrapped to give to someone special.

I kept the 100ml tube in the living room for when im rushing out the house or need to moisturise my hands whilst downstairs, I put the 200ml jar in my bedroom as my moisturiser and the 720ml jar goes in the kitchen on my side next to my stove so its easy to grab whilst cooking. Plus I like the pink label 🙂

The lip balm tin and the handbag tube are best used when the oil is semi solid/solid. When the coconut oil is completely liquid (in hot weather) it can be easy to spill out of the lip balm tin and when pouring out of the tube however i’ve found then the oil is semi solid im still able to squeeze the oil out of the tube and avoid any dripping.

The uses for Brown Coconut Oil are so vast because its 100% natural it can be used inside and outside of the body and because its not been bleached all of the nutritious content is still there.

Here are my TOP TEN USES:

  1. COOKING OIL – due to the oils high smoke point its great for cooking and frying, it adds a great subtle coconuty flavour to dishes and contains medium chain fat acids which are less likely to be stored in the body as fat and instead used as a readily available energy source.
  2. FACE/BODY MOISTURISER – Brown Coconut Oil melts directly on contact with the skin and absorbs really well, it’s especially good for acne prone skin due to its linoleic acid content which is anti-inflammatory, fades pigmentation and is also anti-microbial so it helps fight the P.Acnes that cause acne outbursts. I mix a couple drops of Lemon essential oil with my Brown Coconut Oil and moisturise my face with it daily.
  3. BUTTER – As with the use as a cooking oil using Brown Coconut Oil as a light spread is a 100% natural vegan alternative to other man made spreads such as margarine or animal fats such as butter.
  4. THROAT LOZENGE/COUGH SYRUP – Mix a small teaspoon with raw organic honey for an all natural alternative to throat lozenge or cough syrup. Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial linoleic acid and well as the many antibacterial effects of the raw honey its a great way to soothe a sort throat.
  5. MAKE-UP REMOVER – Massage a small amount of Brown Coconut Oil onto your face and rinse off with warm water a mild soap, repeat for a thorough cleanse. Your face will be clean without feeling stripped and dry.
  6. OIL PULLING – For a natural, healthy and vegan method of whitening the teeth, try oil pulling with all natural Brown Coconut Oil as opposed to processed coconut oil.
  7. LIP BALM – Why not moisturise your lips with something that tastes nice?
  8. MASSAGE OIL – Melting directly on contact with skin and in my opinion providing a good amount of slip, Brown Coconut Oil is a great option to use as a massage oil.
  9. INGROWN HAIR TREATMENT – Apply a thin layer of Brown Coconut Oil to your skin prior to shaving, this provides an excellent barrier between your skin and the blade. After shaving apply a thin layer of Brown Coconut Oil to help soothe any irritation and also help prevent any follicles for becoming blocked.
  10. CANDIDA KILLER – Due to it’s Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid and Lauric Acid which are really effective against candida/yeast introducing Brown Coconut Oil into your diet can help with preventing candida overgrowth.


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