I decided to give Meat Co. a little visit.

I was short on time and decided to give the dessert platter a try. Im not a massive dessert fan but I liked the idea of being able to try lots of different portions and finding out which one I like most.

The Chefs Dessert Platter included; “Madiba Charity Malva Pudding”,  a dark chocolate fondant cake, a Meat Co. brownie, clementine brulée, ice cream and summer berry eaton mess accompanied by chocolate dipped spoons, enough for the group I was with.


The crème brûleé is always a win with me as its a very light, yoghurt like pudding. The fondant was lovely also, as it was moist. I enjoyed the Malva pudding and brownies but they didn’t catch my attention.

The summer berry eaton mess was a surprise as I don’t usually like berries. The balance between sweet and tangy was really good – I was sad that I had to share it with everyone else.  

The platter costs £15 and is a lovely end to a meal, especially if you only want a small dessert portion and don’t mind sharing. 

For more information click here.

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