I flew to Dubai for the first time!

Im someone that loves travelling, or should i say, the thought of it. I actually have severe plane fright. I get really really anxious each time I get on a plane.

I think it’s because it’s a very physical representation that I am not in control of my fate. Once I step inside the plane and it flies off, my feet are no longer on the ground and my life is in the hands of the pilot.

I know this sounds a little OTT and I know anything could happen to me at any time, even whilst in writing this blog post but even still, its not an easy fear to shake.


I flew with emirates airline, economy class. The flights were priced at £317.21 and was a 6 hour and 55 minute flight there, 7 hour and 55 minute flight back. The flight was comfortable, as comfortable as you can be in economy class 🙂

One good thing is that the inflight meals are halal which is always a plus. Especially coming from London in which we can never assume anything is halal.


I paid an extra £40 to pick my seat which, will forever and always, be a window seat. It’s really amazing to see the world above the skies.IMG_5201

It’s a perfect time for self reflection and just puts into perspective the size and beauty of the world we live in. All natural, un-adultered, beauty.

I stayed at a hotel called Melia Dubai. I found it so difficult to find a hotel to stay at in Dubai. Now, don’t get me wrong, here. There are plenty of hotels to stay at in the region but me being frugal franny wanted to get the best deal but at the same time, not put myself at a disadvantage with regards to distance from activities and attractions.

As a general rule of thumb, as with anything, the further away from the city centre the cheaper the hotel.

Because Dubai is such a tourist attraction any and all hotels in the main centre were expensive for the room size you would be given. Which for girls going on a girl trip and you want to bunk up and share it will probably be fine. That’s not me.

Ever since becoming a mum I prefer, relaxation and space to which ever hotel I end up staying at had to fit in with these two needs.

I eventually, after much distance measuring via google maps decided to go for Melia Dubai which is a 5 star premises. Let me tell you, these pictures do not do the hotel and service justice, they derserve every single one of those *****.

The staff are oh so very courteous, the room was impecable and very clean.

I stayed on THE LEVEL in one of their grand luxe rooms which also gave me access to THE LEVEL LOUNGE. The lounge is an exclusive section of the hotel in whic they serve unlimited canapés, desserts, drinks, teas and coffees with space for you to relax and read or have informal business meetings. I stayed for 4 days which costed a total of £563.


The grand luxe room was approx 517 ft² and the decor is minimalist modern with a cosy feel. There is a free standing bath thats big enough to fit two people with space. The room also included a separate shower, a toilet, flat-screen TV, free WiFi and also a climate control panel. The bed was a super king with the lovely egyptian cotton hotel sheets. I dont know what the thread count was, but I know it was high!


The hotel is roughly 10-15 mins from main city centre which isn’t too bad and the taxi prices are very cheap. The view from the hotel isnt the nicest however this is not a reflection on the hotel. The whole of Dubai is currently a building site so, anywhere you stay will pretty much have a similar view unless you stayed right on the sea front or on The Palm. My budget wouldn’t stretch that far.


On arrival to the hotel you are greeted by a steward who opens your car door for you and carries your bags. You then enter into the very well finished hotel and take a short lift ride up to the main reception. As you exit the lift you can hear the sound of trickling water. I was greeted with smiles. I checked in easily and was shown my room.


The hotel had many facilities including an amazing spa, gym, rooftop pool, shisha bar, multiple restaurants as well as a club, although i never went 😉


Breakfast was included in my hotel package and was served in their Azalya restaurant. They made fresh waffles and crepes on order, right in front of you. A variety of breads, cereals, salads, meats, juices and condiments were unlimited and very well presented.


As a beauty blogger with a BSc (hons) Beauty & Spa Management and just being someone with all-round good taste, I know a thing or two about spa’s.

I did lots of research whilst I was in Dubai as i didn’t take for granted that the spa inside  the hotel (Yhi Spa) is automatically the best one to visit. Being frugal franny I wanted the best for the money I spent. All information I found pointed towards Yhi Spa being very good with a certificate of excellence from trip advisor as well as 94% of the guest leaving a 5* review. I completely understand why. Out of everything, if I were to stay in Dubai and never come back it would have been because of the amazing Thai lady that gave me my treatment!

I had the Yhi Rejuvenate ritual which included a full body massage and facial for 630AED (£130). It was on par with UK prices at approximately £65 per treatment however it was definitely worth it. I had a Balinese full body massage in which the therapist used her whole body to massage me, up on the bed and all. It was so amazing, thorough, relaxing everything!

I also had the recovery facial which did wonders for my face as I had started to break out due to using one of those charcoal masks right before heading out the country.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. If you would like more information on the hotel please click here.

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