One of my favourite restaurants in my local area is Yumn Brasserie in Croydon, CR0 1BF.


It’s a lovely halal french style brasserie serving gourmet food. The interior decor is of really high quality. It has a mix match of really beautiful individual pieces and styles that, when together, balance really well.

It has a formal yet comfortable feel with a great ambiance with the colour scheme and lighting.

The staff are always really courteous even when they have been put under the pressure of handling orders from my groups sometime including up to 20+ people in one go. Imagine 20 starters of varying types and cooking times, mains desserts, drinks, sides, toilet breaks, special requests, children roaming up and down etc. So for that, Thank You!

From experience on average you would spend between £35-£45 for a starter, main, dessert and non alcholic mocktail.


On arrival you are served a selection of freshly baked breads, they’re so deliciously soft and you can taste the freshness, especially as they are served still warm! Some of the selections are; tomato, herb and garlic.



This is one of my favourite mocktail drink, Fresh Berry Velvet [£5.95]. Which is a blend of Blackberry and raspberry puree, brown sugar and rose infused syrup, lime juice and pineapple juice.

They’re mocktails are always served with the most intricate decoration varying from beautiful fresh flowers to small ladybirds perched on a fresh leaf.

I think the decorations are such a lovely way to show the care put into each drink made and give me such a good impression with what to expect from my main course.



From todays order is Calamari [£7.95], it’s served on a bed of fresh salad leaves. The calamari is crispy and has been fried with fresh chilli with a side of garlic mayonnaise.


My uber favourite starter, Pan-seared Scallops [£9.95]. Now until i had first found Yumn Brasserie I had never eaten scallops BUT I had a wealth of knowledge on what a good scallop is due to my addiciton to shows such as master chef, Hells Kitchen and the like. The scallop must not be over-cooked, dry or chewy which is an easy mistake to make, according to TV.

The Scallops here are just perfect, served with leek straw with an accompanying gravy that ties all of the flavours together. As usual, the presentation is on point!



Here we have the Barbary duck confit [£16.95]. I loved the way the leek straw was cooked in my starter that i swapped the usual mash  potato that this dish is served with for more leeks. Drizzled on top is a sweet red berry jus.



Braised lamb shanks served with olive oil mash, black pepper, roast root vegetables and crisp parslied croutons [19.95]. The lamb shanks are slow cooked and on arrival, fall off of the bone, succulent and soft also drizzled with a lovely gravy.


For more information on Yumn Brasserie click here.

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