I attended the Clinical, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Expo this year, and as usual I had a blast. I’ve mentioned before that I love expo’s. They’re great, especially in these industries where most times to get information on advanced treatments a consultation is required, which, given the popularity of some of the treatsments, can be weeks away.

At the CCR Expo you have all the major cosmeceutical brands as well as cosmetics brands under one roof. There are informative seminars for nurses and doctors as well as the chance to actually receive some of these treatments on the day.

4DDA8385-C6F9-42D9-BB31-D098A226A9E1Here I stopped by one of the stands to receive a water jet facial with one of their latest machines after being told by the sales men that ‘this can make all your spots go’ in his warm Italian accent.

The machine jets out mineralised salt water at a high speed, breaking down dirt and excess skin cells which results in clean, smoother skin. It also helps to unclog blocked pores which leads to white heads, black heads and acne. As the device jets out the mineralised water onto your skin via a hand held piece it also sucks the used ‘dirty’ water back up into the machine and deposits it in a separate storage container.

It was amazing to see the clean water ready to be jetted onto my face sitting side by side the used water. You can see the stark contrast in colour and clarity. It helped to give me a visual example of what exactly had been removed from my skin. I forgot to take a picture of them but in all honesty, I’m too ashamed to show you. 😷

I’ll admit the facial was a little strange and rough. I think the gentleman doing my facial was more of a sales man than a beauty therapist. The facial was relaxing nonetheless.

Its strange how just being able to lay down and have someone else touch your face feels so relaxing. I had the same experience the last time I went into the make up store Inglot.

I asked to be colour matched for foundation and found it so relaxing as the assistant dabbed the foundation on with a sponge.

As a side note: I don’t think, in today’s society, we spend enough time relaxing. We’re always on the go, constantly! Work, commuting, social media, tv, lights. 24/7.


After my facial my skin was slightly red (the picture above isn’t showing the redness correctly). It was also slightly sore. Now this wasn’t because of the rough handed man but because of the salt crystals used in the facial. As salt is very anti bacterial and drying it left my face feeling sensitive to the touch, but not dry. The sensitivity wasn’t anything painful or unbearable and I was anxious to see the results in a few days time after my skin had calmed down.

Here, at the same stand, I was able to have my skin analysed. On the left is the assistant mapping it areas for the scan to focus on and on the right is an ultraviolet scan of my face showing the areas in which I produce most sebum.

As we can see I have an oily t-zone and cheeks with the most sebum being produced on my forehead.

This is something I have struggled with for YEARS. The balance between having oily skin that you need to dry out and having skin that hasn’t now been so dried out that it’s now dehydrated.

Ill save my skin care hacks for another post!


Til next time. X

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