This week I had the chance to model for TRINNY LONDON a make up brand created by TRINNY WOODAL of the popular day-time TV series Trinny and Susannah.

One thing I noticed about the brand straight away was the inclusivity and diversity of the brand. Studded along the wall were brand images of all the models representing TRINNY LONDON and each model was celebrated in their own glory.

The ethos of the brand is natural beauty, they do not cover up, they enhance. So each models natural features were preserved with the light, skin like foundation and highlighting products.

Unlike current popular make-up trends that I am more used to. I am used to giving the under eyes a good highlight and having a striking contour which is lovely, but not my ‘natural’ beauty, which I think we need more of.

I feel society has gotten to a stage where we are so used to seeing women made up to the nines that when women don’t wear make up we feel inadequate somehow.

And if you know me, you’ll know I’m all for women’s liberation and empowerment. So I’m super happy to be a part of the TRINNY TRIBE and represent women like me! 2AF19172-CD4D-4F52-B8DE-CC083DD2C566

I spoke with Trinny and Oh was she lovely! You don’t often think about the personalities of the people you see on TV  they’re very distant and separated from us ‘normal’ people  due to that distance and being behind a screen we tend to forget they’re human too  Trinny was so warm and friendly and very down to earth  she personally thanked me for taking part in the campaign and of course, I was happy to be there and be a part of something wonderful.

For the longest time I have been banging on about inclusivity and diversity and can now see a real change in the fashions dan beauty industry, thank god!

There was a time when I thought I could NEVER be a model especially in hijab and now my own preconceptions are being broken down piece by piece.

TRINNY LONDON is perfect for your every day make up, natural glam and more swimsuit W skin as you only apply the tiniest amount for a good natural coverage.

I liken my skin tone to a caramel colour and in the TRINNY LONDON foundation I am an ‘Anjoli’ – for some reason I feel the need to say that in a French accent! I’m not going to lie, I think they should rename that shade to Rhianna in honour of my fabulousness – just sayin’.


The actual launch event itself was really fun, lovely company and I had the chance to relax Tamworth the models I had met earlier on the shoot. You don’t always get a chance to really meet fellow models whilst working due to the fact that your actually working! So it was lovely to meet them in a more relaxed setting.

There was a lovely Japanese style barbecue going on outside serving the most delicious chicken, noodles and burgers. Everything was really well thought out!

I also want to make another point – the food was HALAL!!!

I felt extra special especially since I was the only Muslim there.

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