So today i’m attending my first Stylist Live show and I’m excited! It’s hosted in Olympia London, i’ve attended many shows there.

Olympia London is a large exhibition hall not far from Westfield’s White City, similar to the Excel Centre in East London.


Entering the event was really quick and easy as all I had to do was scan my ticket from my phone screen, stamp my hand and I was good to go.

The overall buzzing ambiance of these exhibitions is great. They’re also a great place to meet brands face to face.

There are competitions, seminars and opportunities to taste healthy food and beverages before you buy. Not to mention all of the photo opportunities at the amazingly decorated stands.

I attended the Changing The Shape of Fashion seminar hosted by Callie Thorpe and Naiomi Shimada as well as the Meet The Muslim Women Empowering Others panel including Nafisa and Selina Bakkar, co-founders of Amaliah, Shazia Mirza, comedian and Leyla Hussein anti FGM activist.


Both panels were really insightful. It was interesting to hear about the issues surrounding plus sized models within the fashion industry. Things such as companies selling plus sized clothes but not including plus sized models in their campaigns for example were something that had never occurred to me. Another point was that the advertising of clothing within the fashion industry would lead you to believe the average sized of a woman in the UK is 6-8 whereas the average size is actually 14. Using models at such an extreme end of the scale is what helps to create  issues with weight and self esteem among young girls.  It was really refreshing hearing the perspectives of such accomplished women.

It was also lovely to see a panel of Muslim women reclaiming the identity of the Muslim woman which has, in recent years, taken on a whole different meaning. They spoke on what it means to be a Muslim woman in all their different types, hijab, breaking out of the mould of what society deems is acceptable for a Muslim woman, campaigning and what drove each panellist to persue their dreams.

I found myself nodding along to a lot of what was being said.

I decided that I wanted to spend the whole day there, as with all the exhibitions I’ve been to, I’ve never spent the WHOLE day. I was pleasently surprised by a little grazing station with a beautifully comfortable resting bench along with complimentary herbal teas were being provided by PUKKA HERBS. 59104184-AE0B-4890-AA9A-A6379F83DECAThis was on the upper deck of the exhibition so from there you could get a great view of the exhibition below and just how busy it was.


I had the opportunity to snap some lovely pictures at the GOOGLE stand, everything is prettier in pink! I also had the chance to wear the CAPE OF EMPOWERMENT made by Lou Gardiner for the PUKKA HERBS stand.


I was also able to find out my scent profile  at the Experimental Perfume Club stand- which is fresh and citrus 🍋.

Overall, it was a really great day out with plenty to do. I’ll definitely be going next year!

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