I heard Glossier was having a pop up shop in London and decided to swing by. It’s a brand that I came across on Instagram and loved the branding.

The pink packaging caught my eye as well as the funky product names like; milky jelly cleanser, birthday balm (that I’ve heard actually tastes like birthday cake) and cloud paint.

The brand celebrates natural, perfectly imperfect beauty and has a nice range of shades for their skin tints and concealers.


Their skin tints come come in 5 different shades and although that isn’t as many shades as other brands, these sheer tints are really adaptable to the skin tones in between.

They give you a nice wash of colour to even out your skin tone and give it a dewey finish.

FCE307FE-DBF4-4FC8-B543-1C8FE972F853Glossier cloud paints in the colours Puff, Haze, Dusk and Beam. Haze and Dusk were my favourite.


I love the packaging on their Birthday Balm lip salve. Very birthday like. Other lip balm flavours include Coconut Balm, Cherry Balm, Rose Balm and Mint Balm. The lip balms are sold for £10 or three for £25.


Glossier also have two types of mask, a moisturising ‘Moon Mask’ and a detoxifying ‘Mega Greens Galaxy Pack’. Which are £18 each or you can treat yourself to both for £30.



I tested out their RICH priming moisturiser which was indeed rich and highly moisturising. I can imagine it being a great skin primer as it hydrated my skin well and didn’t leave a greasy after-feel.


I love rose water products as they work great on my skin! The soothing face mist also includes ingredients such as Honey Suckle extract and Aloe Vera Leaf extract!



A little peek at Glossiers scent room. They had individual tables with matching seats for you to comfortably try out their scents.


The house was decorated beautifully with floral decorations designed by Simone Gooch of Fjura, lacing the staircase and fireplaces.


The Glossier pop up store is open until this Wednesday 22nd November and opens from 11am-8pm.  Located at 32 Portland Place, Marylebone, London, W1B 1NA.

For more information please click here.


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