I have to say, I love coconuts.

I don’t know whether that’s because I’m an island gyal but they taste amazing. I’ve had a brown coconut oil addiction over the past year and love a peshwari naan every now and then, so when I came across these coconut infused products by Butterflyy Bliss  I HAD to give them a try.

I started off with setting myself a relaxing hot bath and relaxed in it for a while. The heat and steam it generates in the room is helpful to open up your pores.

I applied the Coconut Sugar scrub which consists of desiccated coconut and brown sugar and coconut oil. I used this as a facial scrub and found my skin to be super smooth and hydrated afterwards. I put this down to the mixture of water and coconut oil hydrating and then locking the moisture in.

After rinsing (and a little more relaxation,) I moisturised with the Orange and Coconut whipped body butter which smells so good! It’s a light but firm texture and super creamy.

The Coconut Sugar sells for £22 per 150ml and the Orange and Coconut body butter sells for £25 for 200ml.

Both products are available on their website and you can take a peek by clicking here.

All products on their website are hand made by the lovely Candice here in the UK and not to mention they are all 100% natural, vegan and oh so good for your skin!

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