I had the chance to stay at the Hayatt Centric hotel in levant, Istanbul.

Arriving outside of the hotel it exudes quality with its uniquely shaped architecture and perfectly accented lights which highlight the building against the night sky. The staired entrance is also nicely lit and leads to their automatic doors followed by security.

I had to scan my bags on arrival, similar to the scans you do at the airport. The security at the airport was very high and I had to scan my bags multiple, multiple times, verging on excessive. So when I had to scan my bags again at the hotel, after my long trip, I did think it was slightly OTT however I completely understand the reasons for this and by the morning, after a good nights rest I felt a lot better about it.

With Turkey sharing boarders with Syria I was a little worried about possible safety issues so it was a relief to have so many security checks, albeit slightly annoying.

At least I knew I could sleep easy knowing every person entering the hotel would have been securely checked.

In the reception there was an ah-may-zing golden crystal enrusted light which caught my attention each time I walked past it. There were also highbacked armchairs as well as a lovely floral display in the centre.

They also had a private dining table which seats up to 10 guests.

Accessed via the main reception was the Gold Bar. They serve a variety of light snacks, starters and main meals as well as drinks. There was plenty of seating available ranging from formal tables, lounge seats and an outdoor space decorated with green potted plants.

The main wall of the bar housed a fish tank with all kinds of colourful and exotic looking fish. This tank can also be seen from the private dining area which is a lovely addition to a intimate dinner.

The hotel room was impecably clean and very spacious. The bed was queen sized, I have a super king at home and found this bed SO much more spacious. The room was tastefully decorated in neutral colours. The bathroom was really nice, I had so much surface space that I could empty my complete make up bag and spread it out and still have space!

At home I don’t have this amount of bathroom space and usually have to run she through my make up bag to take out and use one product at a time. Getting ready for evenings out here was a breeze and so much more enjoyable because doing my make up was that much easier.

The bathroom had soft beauty mirror lighting around the edges of its very large mirror, which is always a massive plus.

there was a tiled generously sized bath with a waterfall tap and also a rainfall shower, a separate toilet and bidet. The wall shared with the bedroom area was made of clear glass and covered by a chiffon and black out curtain. This allowed for complete privacy when needed but also, when drawing the black out back, allowed for a romantic ambiance especially with all of the soft lighting in the room.

I allowed myself some ‘me time’ and visited the spa which is located deep under the hotel on level -5.

Mom entering the spa you would never know you are underground and the space feels open, clean yet cosy and relaxing. There is a main pool as well as a jacuzzi which has a variety of water powered massagers.

The pool is a decent length and not too deep as I was able to stand up throughout the length of the pool and I am 5ft.

The glowing amber wall really gives the spa a warm healing atmosphere. There are also two types of lounge chairs to choose from, solid tiled loungers, probably best if you have just come out of the pool, and cushioned reclinable loungers where it’s more comfortable to relax.

There is also a steam room, sauna, private couple spa area and multiple treatment rooms.

In the toilets they had individual flanelletts to dry your hands. The attention to details is so lovely and really emphasises the quality of the establishment you are staying at.

I had the Balinese hot stone massage which lasts 90 minutes and costs 400 TL which is approximately £76.00.

It was spectacular. Firstly the therapist did such a thorough job and relaxed me so quickly that I caught myself thinking oh the treatment must be finished now, she’s done so much and being wrong. I still had time in my treatment and time to relax some more!

She started off with ensuring I was comeplety comfortable and offering cushions to support me where needed.

She then gave me an overall massage with her hands which also included her mounting the bed and using her body weight to apply a good amount of pressure.

Afterwards she started with the hot stone massage. She brought out the stones and cupped her hand over them. This warmed her hands really well and then she massaged me again. This warmed by body up and got my skin adjusted to the hot temperature, they felt like mini radiators.

Later she used the hot stones to massage me. They were really hot but not uncomfortable so. She slid them quickly but firmly over my skin so the hest didn’t have a chance to actually burn me. It was probably one of the best treatments I have experienced.

I have a degree in beauty and spa management so I know a thing or two about treatments.

The treatment lasted 90 minutes but I could have sworn time slowed down!

She ended the treatment with a facial and head massage and allowed me ample time to wake myself up and re-dress.

The staff were very curteous, even when I accidentally walked into the men’s changing room!

I would definitely stay here again and if I do, I will 100% go back for another Balinese massage!

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