I have to say, I love coconuts. I don’t know whether that’s because I’m an island gyal but they taste amazing. I’ve had a brown coconut oil addiction over the past year and love a peshwari naan every now and then, so when I came across these coconut infused products by Butterflyy Bliss  I HAD …


It was also lovely to see a panel of Muslim women reclaiming the identity of the Muslim woman which has, in recent years, taken on a whole different meaning. The spoke on what it means to be a Muslim woman in all their different types, hijab, breaking out of the mould of what society deems is acceptable for a Muslim woman, campaigning and what drove each panellist to persue their dreams.


One thing I noticed about the brand straight away was the inclusivity and diversity of the brand. Studded along the wall were brand images of all the models representing TRINNY LONDON and each model was celebrated in their own glory.


It was amazing to see the clean water ready to be jetted onto my face sitting side by side the used water. You can see the stark contrast in colour and clarity. It helped to give me a visual example of what exactly had been removed from my skin. I forgot to take a picture of them but in all honesty, I’m too ashamed to show you. 😷


The staff are always really courteous even when they have been put under the pressure of handling orders from my groups sometime including up to 20+ people in one go. Imagine 20 starters of varying types and cooking times, mains desserts, drinks, sides, toilet breaks, special requests, children roaming up and down etc. So for that, Thank You!


On looking for teeth care products I came across the range by Whitewash Labs. Their Nano Whitening Toothpaste retails for £14.95. Ouch I thought.  I usually use Colgate or Aquafresh which at most I spend £2-£3 on for the whole family.